~ World Record ~

At this very day just would like to share with you guys that me and my friends shall be joining the Youth 10 PETAH Event held at PWTC and shall be entering and be a part of the non-stop 111 Hours of debate !This will go down as a record of the longest streak of debate sessions and shall go into the Malaysian Book of Records and the Guiness World Book of Records ! This is so interesting and to be a part of it is astonishing and a prospect we could not turn down !And here we are being a part of something and will be debating tomorrow at Round 102 @ 2PM - 3PM.Below are the picture of the competitors for our round..behold !

The Opposition Side : Kamal Zawari "The Tanker", Abdul Basit "The Mastermind", Theventheren "The Ass Whipper"...

The Government Side : My lovely kak Leen "The Undisputed",My homie Ain "The Drama Queen" and Another debater which has yet to be picked

So here we are being a part of something special and something for us to commemorate =)

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