~ The End~

The end for my FB account,I have deactivated my FB account and will no longer be using that social networking stuff site anymore..why ? simply because shit that people do at FB.Not about their personal life and so on but for all the anti-Muslim groups and the latest was the drawings of our beloved and great Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam.TOo many groups that are anti Islam at the site and lots of bullshits.So I am very pissed and is saddened by their doings.

There are 3 ways of dakwah and my deed was the weekest of dakwah in which is to dakwah from deep inside my heart in protesting the existence of group which are against our religion.I cannot fight with mouth and by both of my hands,why what I can do with my capacity is to hate and be an anti-groups that are against our religion.

Lots of complaints are being lodged to Facebook administrators about these anti Islam group but they've turned to deaf ears.These kafirs does not give a damn at all simply because the Facebook itself are being backed by the Jews so why would they go and support these kind of complaints ? So I cried,yes seriously I cried once I knew about the prophet Muhammad drawing competition..masya-Allah how could these puny humans try to make fun of our prophet ? Our prophet Muhammad is the prophet for our ummah,we cannot simply go and watch that out prophet are being made fun of by non Muslims.We Muslims must not support any kind of anti-Muslim channels and movements at all

So as for now what I can do is to back off from Facebook and will not be using it at all,after all I can still stay connected with my friends and loved ones via phone and email,so why on earth will I suffer from not joining Facebook ?

Keep our eyes open dear Muslim friends,these non Muslims have no respect for us Muslims anymore and they're making fun of us and we must counter with intelligence and not violence.Its time to open our eyes.Keluar aje dari FB..tak mati pon,sebelum nih xde FB kite masih boleh kawan2 dan saling berhubung,tiada sebab untuk memasuki website yang terang-terangan anti-Islam..

Sebagai insan yang tidak berkuasa,apa yang aku mampu buat adalah dengan keluar sahaja website tu,cukuplah dengan macam2 group yang menghina Islam,so apae2 pasni kalau nak cek update pasal aku..cek kat blog nih sahaja..selemah2 dakwah adalah dengan benci melalui hati,aku langsung tak dapat tahan dan tak dapat terima cacian yang dilimpah keatas Tuhan,Nabi dan Agama kita !

Mari kawan2 kita keluar dari Facebook,kita tak rugi apa2 pon dengan keluar dari FB,namun kita rugi jika kita menyokong badan dan kumpulan yang langsung tak endah dan mencaci maki apa yang penting dalam kehidupan kita iaitu Islam

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