~ =) ~

Lost and lonely now are you ? Mistakes has cost you =)

You turn to people who gave u fake hopes and try to prove me wrong =)

Instead you are the one now suffering after what you did =)

You said I was wrong when what you revolves in are beyond acceptable =)

You think you can find happiness when all you did was engrave pain and hate =)

You think you are strong whereas you're not =)

You think you have friends when what you did is to be with hidden enemies =)

You think you can kill me off and destroy my life =)

You think you can make me the person I'm not =)

You give yourself fake hopes by relying on your clouded misery =)

You wana find my replacement..well have fun trying mate =)

You leave me when I need you..well no commenton this =)

You hurt me so deep that I can't feel the pain anymore =)


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