~ Ayah ~

Dr Ghazali T.V. Ahmad..my dad,i wish you were never hurt as you are now,I am sorry...please ya Allah,give us strength..I love you,be strong,I will look after mommy and adik2 sume..I don't know what to say,if I have the strength,I shall take the pain from you..be strong ayah,anak2 mu selalu susahkan ayah.....please take the pain from him and give back all the health he borrowed all this while..he is our hero,we all look up to him...he gave us strength while we were sad and has always been there for us..now is our turn to lend him our strength..i bear a heavy task of seeing my siblings cry..i have no heart now..all my loved ones are now fading away from me...Allahuakbar.....ayah......


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  1. Dah lama x jumpe dgn pakcik ghazali...

    Dia sihat x?

  2. Tak,something wrong with his back spine...=(

  3. Ruzaini says:


    it gonna be more better soon. amin.

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