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So while I was driving to work this morning,I tuned my radio to Mix.fm and they were discussing about how many kids a parent should have nowadays.I always liked Hitz.fm gotcha calls but the topic made me stay at the channel huhu.So the Dj spoke and discussed with the partner and they spoke about having 2 children or even just 1 children for parents.The point which they brought up was about the cost of raising the children is very costly nowadays and also one bizarre point which come from a caller in which she says that raising children is a very risky investment which it may pay off one day or it may even just go away.And too add salt to the wound, she told that maybe if I raise my child from small till adult,maybe when he/sha grew up my child will ignore me or something.I was kinda shocked to listen to a mom saying these kind of shit.This is a serious problem with the parental institution nowadays.

Now the problem that I have with these kind of thinking is that what do you think your children is actually ? If you say that you don't wanna have babies coz its costly,then don't marry in the first place.We don't have to have like 10 - 11 babies or something and I have no problem with how many parents wanna have babies because its up to them,but the fact that they brought up facts saying about kids are costly and so on and also the fact that kids is a very risky investment.Children are not to be valued monetarily and regardless of how the children will become,its up to the parents and its their responsibility to ensure that their kids is shaped responsibly.

We cannot deny the fact that the family institution of the world is collapsing and seeing how people react I just can't really understand on why is it happening.Somebody help explain this to me please ?

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