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3 good friends; a malay, an indian and a chinese. One fine day, 3 of them joined an illegal racing and ended up in car accident and all died together on the spot. So 3 of them went straight up to heaven and meet God.

The God says: "all of you are sinned and should be sent right straight to hell. But since you all died in such a miserable way, i'll let you all stay in heaven for one year before i send you guys down to hell. i'll give you guys each a room in heaven and you may choose one thing to stay with you in the room."

The Malay: "Eh cantik! I mau all the cigarettes and cigars in the world in my room!!"

The Chinese: "I want all the sexy and hot babes filled in my room!!"

The Indian: " I want all the best vodkas and beers and all the alcohol in the world in my room!"

The God agreed and granted all their wishes.

One year soon went by and the god went to the place where their rooms is located. He first opened the Chinese guy's room,

"So how was it?", the god asked.

"Walaoeh! I had all the best sex in the world that i could get! damn SHIOK LAR!!! I've no regret liao!!" replied the chinese.

"Good, now off you go to hell.", said the god and BOOM! the chinese is send right straight to hell.

Next he went to the Indian's room and asked the same thing. The indian replied,

"Eh bro! wah damn shiok la! i got drunk every single night. i drink until nonstop ar! i've no regret la dey!!"

BOOM! and there he goes straight to hell.

Next and lastly the god went to the room where the Malay are. He opened the door and asked "How are you doing?"

The malay guy rushed straight to the door and said "Eh bang, ada lighter?"

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