~ How to forget your ex ? ~

Wahaha bagi teaser dulu nanti dah siap tulis baru aku publish full contents hehe

Okay so if you wanna forgot ur ex u don't have to do anything actually,eventually you will forget him/her though huhu trust me.It took me 5 months to forget her haha now I'm happy to be running away in freedom haha.Not to say that a relationship binds you or something.I've committed myself to a relationship for more than 4 years ,though its a long gone story I'm happy to be in a relationship again coz I know how beautiful love is.Love is always beautiful..its just that people tend to twist it and thus love becomes something we all hate in the end.I had my fate twisted too but giving up is ain't my thing so I just carry on..

Experience though me alot,if we look it on the negative side,we'll see shitty stuffs,but lets be positive and think about the benefits that we get of any event or incident that happened in our life.Everything happened for a reason.Allah has promised us that and its up to us to see from what perspective does and incident or event carries.

huhu,enough said

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