~After a while~

After a long silence at my blog here..I just wana say that how stupid some people are.They think they can lie hide here and there yet they think they can decieve me and my friends.I've known a lot of truth and has anticipated a lot of calculated movements and yet it all fell to my hands.Nothing escapes the grasps of these palms and stop pretending as if others are dumb.And I like to stress again that nothing escapes your peers and do not make a fool of yourself by doing things that we anticipated by which you guys have no idea what we know about you chaps.Heck I dont know if you even understand what I write here..lol.Dumbo with big flappy ears and big thumby belly with mountanious ego stuck in their heads.Now doze off and I stress here saying that no need to act all smart and hide coz we know...no,seriously we do.huhu

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