~ Thursday Blues ~

Today is Thursday..

This day has arrived and today has been a very testing day,I woke up as usual around 5 a.m and as usual too,I texted my dear love saying some stuffs in d morning.

Today has been one of the testing day..arghhh,one after another

My dear love doesn't wanna talk to me,my shirt that I wanna use for class today hasn't dried up,my phone went into a puddle of mud,I'm late for class,I haven't eaten anything since yesterday,I didn't have time to pack up all the postage stuffs for today,My mind is full of forum stuff to settle,My soul is not ready for today's 1st day training at SRG Asia Sdn Bhd,My soul still misses the children it used to teach at U-Brilliant,and the most important thing is that today is the 11th birthday of my beloved and adorable sister and I haven't bought anything for her YET !!! I just wish these stuff ease up a bit...


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